Our area offers some of the best scenery around. If you’re looking for amazing spots nereby, let me know and I’ll be happy to give you some ideas! Think of places that best suit your personalities. It is also important that the location you choose is accessible for everyone involved in your session.


The best time for your photo session is during the golden hour. This is when the sun is low in the sky offering the most even and flattering lighting. I try to schedule all of my sessions either early in the morning or an hour before sunset (taking into account your kids nap & dinner time).


Water, snacks, whatever you need to keep everyone happy! For the girls, make-up (if you want to touch-up). Four legged friends are also more than welcome (if they play nice, and/or the location allows for pets!).


To avoid last minute stress… make sure to pick out all of your family outfits and any props you wish to include well in advance. If your outfits are new - make sure the kids get the chance to wear them a couple of times first, so on the day of your photo session they feel more comfortable, can relax and have some fun.


Your clothing selection and choice of location will make the biggest difference in the final feel and look of your photos. Feel free to message me with any ideas you have in mind. I’m always happy to give my advice and help you make the most out of your investment and overall experience.


= session guide =

styling your family

ideas on what to wear

A good idea is to choose one item, a dress for example, with a pattern containing the colours you love, then choose colours from that item for the other family members to wear. Avoid dressing the whole family in patterns.

Be comfortable. Make sure that everyone’s clothing fits properly and is weather appropriate. If you’re hot or cold during your session it’s less likely that you’ll appear happy and relaxed in your photos. This is especially true for children. When you feel good in your clothes it shows!

Wear layers!! Layers add dimension and depth to your images. If it’s hot outside layer with accessories - cute belts, necklaces, bracelets, etc. If it’s cool weather cardigans, vests, scarves, boots and hats are all great examples. Avoid graphics on clothing - accessorise instead!

Try to avoid…

  • Wearing neon colors. They don’t photograph well and cast colors onto the skin of those who are wearing them. No one wants a bright yellow face!

  • Matching clothing. Matching is out, coordinating is in. Remember, it doesn’t have to match, it just has to GO. Outfits should complement each other, not match each other.

  • Choosing colors that match the scenery. If you’re doing a lot of outdoor photos for example, avoid wearing a lot of green as you’ll blend in too much with the background. Of course pops of green here and there are fine!

  • Wearing solid black or solid white clothing. These colors don’t show dimension when photographed and make for dull, boring images.


- Preparation is key -

make the most of your investment

Small Children: Small kids are so fun to photograph! They’re typically energetic and full of giggles if they are in a good mood. But like anyone they can get cranky if they’re hungry or tired. A great idea is to plan your session time after your childs nap so they’re fresh and ready. Bring snacks in case your child gets hungry or treats (that won’t stain fingers and tongues) to help them sit still during posed family shots. If your child has a favorite toy or something that makes them giggle, share that with me so I can incorporate behind the scenes to make the session fun for your child. Keep it light! Try not to scold children during the shoot. This typically leads to tears and/or strained smiles and stress for everyone.

Older Children: If your child brings a device like a phone or tablet to the session it’s a good idea to leave it in the car as it can be distracting if it’s in their pocket. Let them be involved in choosing their outfit so they are comfortable. Older kids can sometimes have a hard time “loosening up” for their shoot so it helps if they feel good in what they’re wearing. While we will do posed shots, I also like to capture the family dynamic so feel free to tickle, joke and be silly with your older kids! Try to make them laugh!

The Nitty Gritty: Kids of all ages can get boogies in their noses, have dirty faces or crazy hair! Try to check your children thoroughly to make sure their faces and noses are clear of anything you might not want showing up in your family pics. All photographs are professionally edited but you’ll make my job a lot easier if their faces are clean and ready to go! Bringing some wipes and a hairbrush is a great idea for last minute touch ups. Sometimes you’ll even need to pull them out during the session and that is totally fine! Check your child during your shoot to make sure they’re still boogie free.

Adults: Preparing your family for a photo session can be stressful on both parents. Try to use the drive to your session as a time to lighten the mood. Listen to your favorite songs, play a game along the way or crack some jokes. If you’re not all happy in the pictures it shows!


- frequently asked -



I am a lifestyle photographer and my style is focused on capturing real moments! This means getting you interacting, rather than posing, and having a fun time together. This is where the magic happens!


That’s okay! Many kids are shy or have a hard time posing for the camera... this is where the ‘lifestyle’ approach comes in. I take a little bit of time talking with you and your family before we jump into the session. Once we’re all feeling a little more relaxed, I simply ask you to play some games as a family - tell jokes, tickle etc. Simple, fun interaction that evokes genuine emotion. You focus on the belly laughs and I’ll document it in the pictures!


After booking, deposits are non-refundable. This is because I hold a specific date for you and potentially turn away other clients. If you need to reschedule a $100 rescheduling fee will be required - unless, a significant amount of prior notice is given.


I encourage you to book in for your session as soon as you’ve decided on all of the details! Most of my Saturdays are secured months in advance with weddings and the Sunday sessions tend to get snapped up pretty quickly.


A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking, with the balance payable prior to your session. Bank transfer and/or cash payments only.


No need to worry! If your session date gets rained out we can either move it to a different location, or reschedule to another date that suits you. There is NO rescheduling fee if this was to happen.